Best 2 person mountain tent

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I looked at the Qualities of a best mountain tent recently. I concluded by saying that you need to do a great deal of research and then decide based on your intended style of mountaineering. My opinions for a limited range of styles follow below.

The classic mountain tent

There is one classic tent in the 2-person mountain tent category against which all other tents must compete. Best tent Terra Nova Quasar This geodesic tent uses 4 poles to achieve a particularly strong and stable structure. There are no flat surfaces to hold snow or to fight against the wind, and yet there is a comfortable living space inside with an entrance at either end. Use one for storage and then the other is still available for cooking. The Quasar has adequate ventilation, making it suitable for hot as well as cold climates. The Quasar is far from the most expensive tent in the category and very hard to beat. The Quasar is available from:

The lightweight alternatives

If weight is an issue for you then you should consider the Ultra Quasar. Same design but using lighter materials saving you a about a kilogram of weight. I say about as both tents are quoted with two weights; one for the complete package and a minimum. The Ultra Quasar is available from: The fact that so many big retailers carry this tent must mean something. You should definitely take a look at this one and try to figure out why you don't choose it. I prefer the original simply because I've spent a night in a broken tent before and never want the same experience again. Gear Zone offer a Superlight option. You really need to consider why weight is so important to you, and whether this tent is strong enough for your needs before buying this tent. Weighing in just a little bit heavier, but with more space to compensate, the MSR Asgard is certainly worth a look. It's strong enough for the job and ideal if you are above average size.

Extra strong

The Trango 2 from Mountain Hardwear is the heaviest tent here but that weight is not wasted. It's tough and has storage pockets to help you get organized. The Trango 2 is available from:

The cheap option

For anyone on a tight budget, and not expecting the most extreme conditions, a sizeable saving can be had by checking out the Vango Hurricane 200. This uses a design similar to the Quasar and only really lacks some of the finer points. You can get the Vango Hurricane 200 from:

For a solo attempt

If you climb alone, or just want a particularly rugged and lightweight one-person tent, then take a look at the Soulo from Hilleberg. Although pricey this tent is top-spec and may be just what you are looking for. It's available from Field & Trek . Take your time. This is not a decision to rush into.