Tent Suppliers: 2 Second Tents

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There are two contenders for the UK market in the 2 Second Tent category:

Quechua 2 Second Tents

Quechua is a French brand. This was initiated in 1996 as Decathlon's Mountain Sports brand. They headquarters are based at Sallanches, at the foot of Mt Blanc.

Quechua 2 Second Tents are highly rated and are comparatively cheaper. The issue is finding one. At the moment the only option seems to be the parent company:


Gelert 2 Second Tents

Gelert are based in Snowdonia, an excellent base for any camping equipment supplier. They are well established and have a good distribution network in the UK.

Gelert use quality materials so their tents are as good as can be for the price. Remember though, the main selling point is the ease with which you get one of these set up. They are not intended for serious wilderness camping.

All of Gelert's tents are easy to take down as to set up. Since this does require you follow a pattern it is worth you getting some practice before performing this in public. You can be sure to suffer from serious camper humour if your tent was first up but last down.

Gelert offer several variations for each size. You can check out their Quick Pitch SS Tent which has only a single skin (SS) saving on weight and cost. This really is only for fair weather camping. The Quick Pitch Evolution 2 includes an extra pole for support making it that bit stronger. That may be useful if you camp in breezy spots.

Sizes are no worse than for other ranges of tents. 2 person really does mean 2, with little room for much else. Unless you intend carrying your tent yourself (unlikely, other designs weigh less and pack smaller) you would be better going up one or even two sizes for the extra space and comfort.


There's not much to choose between these two. Quechua are cheaper but only if you can find their tents for sale. Gelert offer quality products and, if a 2 Second Tent is what you want, they would be my choice given that after sales support is more likely to be around for the life of the tent. I would plump for a 4 person tent and expect years of fun camping.

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